accounting solutions


Outsourced Accounting Solutions


Graphic design, Web design, Print design


Branding, Website, Business Card


The client is an accountant with over 15 years of experience. She wanted a logo and website that conveyed integrity, efficiency, and value-for-money.




The Logo

At the surface, the two shapes that form the logo are stylised forms of the acronym for Outsourced Accounting.

The diamond shape represents the quality service that Outsourced Accounting Solutions provides. This quality is essential to the growth of any business, which is represented by the blue “A” stylised to look like an upward-pointing arrow.

The three different shades of the orange “O” represents the three qualties once again: efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability.




The Website

The idea was to develop a website that is fast, visually appealing, and clean. Something that presents company information, credentials, and contact details in an easy-to-navigate format.

A note: This project is currently in its final stages of approval, which is why I am still using watermarked stock images.